CCRI Research

CCRI collaborates with psychology and human development researchers across the nation on research that advances scientific understandings of nonconsensual pornography (NCP), recorded sexual assault (RSA), and sextortion. These in-depth qualitative and quantitative investigations provide crucial data to help CCRI develop evidence-based legal and technological solutions. CCRI’s research also informs prevention and treatment efforts that aim to reduce the occurrence of NCP and improve outcomes for those affected. 

CCRI’s Head of Research is Dr. Asia Eaton, Associate Professor of Psychology at Florida International University. Under her supervision, CCRI conducted rigorous empirical research to estimate the prevalence of NCP perpetration and victimization nationwide, and to examine the risk factors for and consequences of NCP victimization and perpetration.  The resulting report of this first-ever nationwide study revealed the shocking statistics that 1 in 8 social media users have been targeted by NCP, and 1 in 20 social media users are perpetrators of NCP.

Dr. Asia Eaton, Head of Research, Florida International University