Outreach and Education

CCRI is the lead educator in the United States on subject matter related to nonconsensual pornography (NCP), recorded sexual assault (RSA) and sextortion.  We reach out to the public through a variety of approaches. 


CCRI delivers presentations to universities, direct service providers, hospitals, law enforcement, military services, and other interested groups.  A small sampling of the groups to whom we have presented includes:

  • Fordham University
  • Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Regional Training
  • Harvard University
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Technology Summit
  • National Victims of Crime Awareness week in North Bay, Canada
  • NCP Forum of the New York City Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Miami School of Law

Contact us at info@cybercivilrights.org if you would like to request a CCRI representative to speak with your direct service staff, university administrators or students, or other interested groups.  We will make every effort to attend given our limited resources and high demand.


The CCRI team is active in furthering opportunities for students and universities to engage in this subject matter.  CCRI was instrumental in the founding of New York Law School’s Cyberharassment Legal Clinic at the Tyler Clementi Institute for CyberSafety and we launched a successful law practicum related to NCP at University of Miami School of Law.  CCRI board members teach Continuing Legal Education classes on NCP, and CCRI’s leadership and scholarship have contributed to numerous graduate school and undergraduate theses and law school students’ published notes.

If you are interested in bringing information about NCP, RSA and sextortion to your university campus, please read more about our outreach opportunities here.