Our Accomplishments

CCRI’s accomplishments since its launch in August 2012:

Victim Services

  • Started a 24-hour Crisis Helpline in October 2014 for victims of NCP
  • Have provided, and continue to provide, support to over 4,000 online harassment victims worldwide
  • Collaborate with the Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project and 28 other attorneys to provide pro bono legal services to NCP victims

Public Education & Awareness

  • Have given presentations about NCP at universities, conferences, and to private companies such as Harvard University; University of Miami School of Law; Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Regional Training; National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Technology Summit; National Victims of Crime Awareness week in North Bay, Canada; NCP Forum of the New York City Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence; Facebook; Google; Twitter; and many others.
  • Served on several task forces, including California’s Cyber Exploitation Task Force and the Uniform Law Commission Study Committee on Revenge Porn, among others
  • Submitted comments and recommendations to the FTC in conjunction with Without My Consent to advance the protection of consumers and the public against revengeporn website operator Craig Brittain
  • Contributed to numerous graduate school and undergraduate theses and law school students’ published notes

Tech Outreach & Consulting

  • Serve as a Trusted Partner on Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council
  • Worked with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google to develop and implement the anti-nonconsensual pornography policies they announced in 2015

Legislative Support & Legal Research

  • Worked closely with Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s (D-CA) office in the drafting of federal legislation against nonconsensual pornography, formally named the Intimate Privacy Protection Act (IPPA)
  • Advised legislators on drafting NCP legislation in 30 states, D.C., and the federal government
  • Helped 22 US states and DC pass criminal NCP laws
  • Started a practicum at the University of Miami School of Law and helped start the New York Law School’s Cyberharassment Legal Clinic at the Tyler Clementi Institute for Online Safety