CCRI in the Media

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CCRI leadership participate in interviews, share resources and author Op- Eds in various media outlets, including CNN,  Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. The compilation below includes some of the media coverage CCRI has received since its founding.


Danielle Citron: What Happens In A World Where Fake Becomes Real?”. TED Radio Hour.  November 2, 2020.

“Telegram’s massive revenge porn problem has made these women’s lives hell”. Mashable.  October 29, 2020.

“‘Revenge porn’ was already commonplace. The pandemic has made things even worse.” The Washington Post.  October 29, 2020.

Deepfake bot on Telegram is violating women by forging nudes from regular pics”. CNET. October 22, 2020.

Professor Launches Study to Exampine Cyber Sexual Violence Risk During COVID- 19 Pandemic.” FIU News.  July 29, 2020.

B.C. Human Rights Tribunal sends costly message to boss who distributed porn video to discredit complainant.” Georgia Straight.  June 21st, 2020.

Showdown: Free Speech & the Internet.” The Aspen Institute. June 2, 2020.

The Utter Incoherence of Trump’s Battle With Twitter.” The Atlantic. May 30, 2020.

Cyber Civil Rights in the Time of COVID-19.”  Harvard Law Review Blog.  May 14, 2020.

Singer Madison Beer opens up about a boy sharing nudes photos of her as revenge porn.” Yahoo Life. March 9, 2020.

Upskirting to cyber-flashing: lawmakers face calls to punish digital sex abuse.” Reuters. March 13, 2020.

Ohio’s revenge porn law brings more cases, but justice uncertain.” The Columbus Dispatch. Posted Apr 13, 2020 

Democratic Senator: Trump’s executive order on tech would silence the ‘little guy‘.” Yahoo Finance.  June 2, 2020.

Bill Would Make Tech Firms Accounable for CHild Sex Abuse Imagery.” The New York Times. March 5, 2020. 

Meet the attorneys fighting criminals who inflict pain by posting sexual images of their victims.”  GeekWire. February 19, 2020.

Top AI TED Talks to Watch for Acquiring Better Technology Outlook.”  Analytics Insight.  February 22, 2020. 

LAW’s Danielle Citron: How Campaigns Can Counter Deepfakes.” BU Today.  February 10, 2020.

“How to Remove Non-Consensual Videos From Pornhub.” Vice.  Feb 6 2020.

Rubio Bill Gives Revenge Porn Victims More Time to Seek Justice.” Patch. Jan 31, 2020. 

“Facebook just banned deepfakes, but the policy has loopholes….” Business Insider.  Jan 7, 2020.

Vanessa Hudgens Was Forced To Apologize For Her 2007 Photo Leak — Thankfully, Times Have Changed.” Refinery29.  January 3, 2020.  

Millions of Guns For Sale. Few Questions Asked.” The Trace.  January 16, 2020.


Katie Hill, the Media, and the Limits of Revenge-Porn Laws.”  Columbia Journalism Review.  November 26, 2019.
“Congress Failed Katie Hill.” Newsweek. November 14, 2019.

“Revenge Porn Law Is Stupidly Complicated.” Gizmodo.  November 1, 2019.

Katie Hill Hires Revenge Porn Lawyer Carrie Goldberg to Sue Over Leaked Nude Photos.”   NY Post. October 31, 2019.

“The Humiliation of Katie Hill Offers a Warning.” The Atlantic. October 31, 2019.

“MacArthur Genius Danielle Citron on Deepfakes and the Representative Katie Hill Scandal.” NY Magazine, Intelligencer.  October 31, 2019.

From Porn to Scams, Deepfakes Are Becoming a Big Racket—And That’s Unnerving Business Leaders and Lawmakers.” Fortune.  October 7, 2019

LAW’s Danielle Citron Named a 2019 MacArthur Fellow.” BU Today. September 25, 2019.
“Revenge Porn Can Haunt You for Years.” Teen Vogue. August 26, 2019.
New York Law Bans Revenge Porn.” Catholic News Agency. Jul 25, 2019.
“Queer Dating Apps Are Unsafe by Design.” The New York Times.June 20, 2019

Rep. Speier Fights Revenge Porn on Federal Level.” Spectrumnews1. May 22, 2019.

Amber Heard Speaks at U.S. Capitol to Support Revenge Porn Bill.” The Blast. May 22, 2019.

Rep. John Katko, Actress Amber Heard Tout Bill to Stop Revenge Porn.” May 22, 2019.

Amber Heard Backs Revenge Porn Bill and Shares Nude Hacking Trauma.” Harpers Bazaar UK. May 23, 2019.

Nebraska Among Last States to Approve ‘Revenge Porn’ Law.” AP News. March 10, 2019.

General Assembly Expands Revenge Porn Law to Include Fake Nudes.” NBC News. February 28, 2019.

Nonconsensual Porn is a Growing Threat Among Young Adults.” FIU News. February 22, 2019.

The Technology 202: Bezos Dilemma Could Spark Congress to Act on Graphic Photos.” The Washington Post. February 12, 2019.


There’s Finally A Bill To Fight Perpetrators Of Revenge Porn.” Refinery29. November 28. 2017.

We Need a National Revenge Porn Law, But This Bill Is Flawed.” Gizmodo. November 28, 2017.

Revenge Porn Is Finally Criminalized In New York City.” Gizmodo. November 16, 2017.

How to Fight Back Against Revenge Porn.” The New York Times. May 18, 2017.

5 Steps Every Victim Of Revenge Porn Should Consider.” Huffington Post. April 17, 2017.

Marines Photo Scandal: What Can Revenge Porn Victims Do?” NBC News.March 9, 2017.


The Heroes Who Saved the Internet in 2015.” The Daily Dot. December 31, 2015.

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative Joins Miami Law.” Miami Law News. August 20, 2015.

How Tech Companies are Fighting Revenge Porn.” The Cut. June 24, 2015.

Online Harassment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”. HBO. Jun 22, 2015.

Google Bans Revenge Porn.” CNN. June 19, 2015.

Reddit’s Revenge Porn Policy Still Puts the Onus on Victims, Advocates Say.” Motherboard. February 26, 2015.


Now Women Are Getting Arrested For Revenge Porn.” Huffington Post. October 21, 2014.

DC Council to consider revenge porn bills”. Washington Examiner. October 03, 2014.


“’Revenge porn’ victims press for new laws”. Washington Examiner. November 15, 2013.

Fighting Back Against Revenge Porn.” The New York Times. October 12, 2013.

‘Revenge porn’ websites face New York state ban.” The Guardian. October 8, 2013.

“’Revenge porn’ victim devotes life fighting to change nation’s laws”. Fox News. September 12, 2013.