For Every Girl

Thank you for standing up for every girl who had all the air ripped out of her chest, who stayed up until 3am sobbing while she googled her name, for every girl who learned how to write a DMCA takedown notice, studied the copyright laws of foreign countries hosting vile content, for every girl who had to tell her parents and siblings and relatives what was going on, for every girl who had to sit down with her boss and say “Turns out he’s not the man I thought he was,” and for every girl who had to tell a current boyfriend/spouse that her boobs are on the internet.

For every girl who has applied for a job and held her breath the entire process hoping they won’t go past page 3 of a google search.

For every girl who sits silent while her “friends” talk about the new trend of shaming sluts online; listening to them talk about how the girls deserved it for taking photos and hoping people don’t notice the scarlet letter pinned to your jacket.

For every girl who walked into a therapist’s office and said “I’m not sure how life goes on from here.”

For every girl who has been blackmailed and horrified by humanity. For every girl who has been let down by the police, even though they’re there to “protect you.”

For every girl who was SCREAMING for help, and kept getting passed off to another person, and nobody gave a damn.

For every girl who started going by a different name, who felt ashamed of who she has been her whole life. And then waking up one day unable to figure out who she is anymore.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being our voice, because some of us are just not strong enough to speak out.


The messages contained on this page are from emails that we received through the End Revenge Porn website.  End Revenge Porn obtained the consent of the authors before posting them anonymously.

  • Dixie Lee

    THANK YOU!!!!!! . . . for posting this monologue and for FOUNDING End Revenge Porn!! You will never regret it and it will GROW and continue to help others over the years until we get to that point where we see enough changes in the law and successful prosecutions!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    This is almost entirely perfect. Except it really should be “For Every WOMAN”, not every “girl”.

    • 12345

      Or how about “Person”?

      There are plenty of pictures of men posted on those sites, as well.

  • Emily

    This really hit home, I can relate to everyone of these situations.. I am SO happy that this message is finally getting out there in a positive way and not in the way of ‘slut shaming’. Thank you so much.