The End Revenge Porn (ERP) Campaign

CCRI’s first campaign, End Revenge Porn, provides support and advocacy to victims of nonconsensual pornography, commonly referred to as “revenge porn.” It began in August 2012 as a website collecting signatures in favor of criminalizing nonconsensual pornography (NCP) and grew into a project that addressed this issue on four fronts: Victim Services, Public Education and Research, Tech Outreach and Consulting, and Legislative Support and Legal Research. The ERP campaign addresses NCP, recorded sexual assault (RSA), and sextortion. Definitions for the three of these can be found here.

ERP’s Mission is as follows:

  • To provide direct services to victims of NCP, RSA, and sextortion through a phone helpline & educational resources;
  • To increase awareness of NCP, RSA, and sextortion through public education and research;
  • To help develop and promote technological solutions to fight the practices; and
  • To support the legal fight against NCP, RSA, and sextortion by providing scholarly guidance, model legislation, and expert testimony to legislators and policymakers.