Contact Your Representatives

Want to know how to help get a law against nonconsensual pornography passed in your state? Follow these simple instructions.


  1. Find your Legislator’s Contact Information: Visit this page and either navigate to your state or fill in your address to find contact information for you legislators. If a bill against nonconsensual porn is currently being sponsored in your state, contact the sponsor of that bill as well to show your support.
  2. Contact Your Legislator: You can contact your legislators via email or phone. Email: Send each of your legislators an email, expressing your support or describing how nonconsensual porn has affected your life. Click here to see a template letter that shows you exactly how to write and format this email. OR Call their Office: Call your legislator’s office and you will most likely speak with a legislative aid. Tell her/him that there needs to be a law against nonconsensual porn in your state and you are calling to urge your legislator to sponsor a bill or support one that is already being considered.
  3. Share the Guide for Legislators With Them: Share the Guide for Legislators with them, which provides information about the issue of nonconsensual pornography as well as how to draft an effective law against it. If they have any questions, they can contact the author of this piece, Prof Mary Anne Franks, by emailing her here.