CCRI Extends Gratitude to Without My Consent

As you may have heard, our longtime friends and partners at Without My Consent (WMC) will formally cease operations at the end of this year.  

The WMC team comprises some of the nation’s sharpest legal minds and most determined visionaries. WMC began to tackle the problem of nonconsensual pornography nearly a decade  ago. Since then, they have developed comprehensive resources to aid victims of online abuse, including the Something Can Be Done! Guide, a Grade Your State Checklist, and a Digital Abuse Cheat Sheet.

We are honored to have been chosen by WMC to steward these resources. We are committed to ensuring that these vital materials remain free and available to the general public, including law enforcement, lawmakers, and most importantly, to victims in need.  

Though WMC is discontinuing its operations, we know that the friendship we began with its founders years ago will continue, and we trust that there will be opportunities for collaboration in the years to come.  

We offer our heartfelt gratitude to Without My Consent for their groundbreaking and enduring contributions to this fight as well as for their friendship.