A Life Taken too Soon: the Story of Amanda Todd

“I’m struggling to stay in this world, because everything just touches me so deeply. I’m not doing this for attention. I’m doing this to be an inspiration and to show that I can be strong. I did things to myself to make pain go away, because I’d rather hurt myself then someone else. Haters are haters but please don’t hate, although im sure I’ll get them.
I hope I can show you guys that everyone has a story, and everyones future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through.
I’m still here aren’t I?” -Amanda Todd, September 7, 2012

Imagine feeling alone, betrayed and constantly afraid. This was an everyday occurrence for Amanda Todd.

In 7th grade, after meeting new people online who told her how beautiful she was, she made the mistake of giving in to someone’s repeated requests for a topless photo of herself. That one photo haunted her from school to school, from city to city, and online. Amanda found out the way I did that sharing pictures online means that they are up there forever. She was teased, bullied, threatened, and even beaten up by the people she had to face everyday.

More than anything, she was alone. Alone with her fears and haunting thoughts. Amanda experimented with drugs and alcohol to ease her pain. She turned to physical pain, cutting herself when the bullying worsened and her depression escalated. When a girl punched her in front of the whole school, ridiculing her, telling her that nobody cared about her, she went home and drank bleach in an attempt to end her own suffering. She was saved at the hospital, but her tormenters spared no opportunity to ridicule her for it.

On October 10, 2012 Amanda Todd committed suicide.

I chose to blog today about Amanda because today marks the one-year anniversary of her death. And today we get to celebrate the life of a beautiful young girl that we lost all too soon. If there is one thing you take away from her tragic story, please remember that your words are powerful and sometimes we can underestimate how much they mean. Treat the people around you with respect.

Nobody deserves what Amanda went through. I wish I had known her. I wish I had one day with her to help her and to let her know that she wasn’t alone. I wish I could tell her that she’s my hero and that she is the reason that I’ve stayed strong and kept fighting for justice.

Though we can’t bring her back to life, I choose to remember her…rest in peace, Amanda.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

  • Oberon

    That is some powerful stuff. No one should have to go through that.I wish that someone could have been there for her and prevented an unnecessary death.

    • Sarah

      I was there to help her she was my friend for a few years and when she got hurt i got teachers to help i even went into the fighting and got hurt myself to help her, she didnt desereve to die and i miss her everyday and nothing can bring her back to me or her family which we all want.

  • Kelsie

    So many people go through this, just like my sister, who tried committing suicide 6 times in 2 years. And my brother tried 27 times in one year. All because they felt they were alone and had no one. When the truth is they have everyone. This video made me cry and it is so sad, that even just one stranger could have possibly contacted her to tell her she’s not alone could have saved this young girls life. Rest in peace Amanda, your not alone.

  • Dana

    thank you for trying to stop this awful thing I cant believe that people blame the victims it makes me cringe I tried watching hunter moore’s opposition to it and all he did was call the women stupid bitches and slut

  • Dixie Lee

    No one should have to experience the pain, ridicule and abuse that this precious girl suffered.

    I will never forgot her and let her life REMIND us of what we need to do to change this awful and relatively new crime ———– cyber harassment and/or illegal privacy invasion with photos or videos, video voyeurism or Exploitation with non-consenting/illegal nude, sexual images. Cyber-sexual harassment is another title or label.

    It’s wrong and we need to learn from her life. I wish she was still here with us.

    We will remember you Amanda!!!!!! At least you are at peace now.


  • Brittany

    This story just tears me up inside. I cry for this girl who just needed one person to stand up for her. I realize the people that tormented her were young but I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. I will be a more compassionate and understanding person in honor and memory of Amanda Todd. RIP beautiful girl.

  • yvonne molina

    may she rest in peace i pray that the lord forgive her for committing suicide and that he have mercy and receive her into his arms what happened to her was wrong people want to act so self righteous and judgmental but dont bother to see these kids need help they need love and understanding. they need positive role models people who will be there for them in the good times and the bad.

  • Thomas Flow

    Such a waste of a beautiful girl. There s so much hate in our schools and society today. It has to stop.

  • Thomas

    Being teenagers does not give them the excuse of not knowing the stuff they did was horrible. One can only hope that karma exists and they live long miserable lives knowing what happened because of their actions. It’s unfortunate there wasn’t even one student with the courage to step up to the others and point out what complete ()^&(*%(% they were to the others and be the friend she needed.

  • Nickie

    That video broke up something deep inside me. That the poor girl had to go through that, alone no less. I was raped in 2004. I was an adult, I had my husband and family for support. Without that, I wouldn’t be here. Amanda had no one, and to me, what that poor girl went through was not just one rape, but thousands. I understand her desire to die, but I wish I could tell her that there were so many willing to be there for her, had she only looked. RIP Amanda Todd
    You will always be remembered.

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