About Us

CCRI was founded by Holly Jacobs, PhD.  Dr. Jacobs was once a victim of nonconsensual porn (NCP), commonly known as "revenge porn," or the distribution of sexually graphic images of individuals without their consent. After running into so many dead-ends in her efforts to get help from police, FBI, lawyers, and Internet specialists regarding her case, she eventually took matters into her own hands in August 2012 and started End Revenge Porn, a campaign to advocate for the criminalization of NCP and a place of refuge for victims of it. 

While running this campaign, Dr. Jacobs became aware of other forms of harassment that were occurring on the Internet and decided to start a nonprofit organization, CCRI, that would provide support and advocacy to victims of all different forms of online harassment, starting with NCP. 

CCRI's mission is to help victims of online harassment by:

  • Providing victims with support and referral services;
  • Raising awareness and educating the public about the nature and prevalence of online abuse;
  • Working with technology industry leaders to encourage the development of design-based solutions to non-consensual pornography and other forms of online abuse; and
  • Advocating for state and federal legislation to prevent such abuse, when appropriate.